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Hmm, sputter with empty fuel filter

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I have an TB Bronco with an 18 HP Kohler Courage and runs great but when she idles for a bit she'll sputter now and then and then run just fine. I did notice today that just as the engine started to sputter I can see that the fuel filter is completely empty of gas, but then will begin to fill and run fine again. Its never completely stalled and runs strong otherwise.

I bought the Bronco last March and never had this issue all last year . Any ideas?
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what style fuel filter do you have on it ? does it have a fuel pump? if it doesnt have a fuel pump you might have the wrong filter on it if yours is clear with a yellowish tannish cone inside you have the one meant for a mower with a fuel pump if so and you dont have a pump you need the small round one that is flat on both ends that not including the nipples is about 1/2 to 1 inch long and about the same size around if you have the correct filter then i would be checking the gas cap vent to make sure its clear and if it has a fuel pump check that it is working correctly
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