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Hmm, sputter with empty fuel filter

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I have an TB Bronco with an 18 HP Kohler Courage and runs great but when she idles for a bit she'll sputter now and then and then run just fine. I did notice today that just as the engine started to sputter I can see that the fuel filter is completely empty of gas, but then will begin to fill and run fine again. Its never completely stalled and runs strong otherwise.

I bought the Bronco last March and never had this issue all last year . Any ideas?
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what style fuel filter do you have on it ? does it have a fuel pump? if it doesnt have a fuel pump you might have the wrong filter on it if yours is clear with a yellowish tannish cone inside you have the one meant for a mower with a fuel pump if so and you dont have a pump you need the small round one that is flat on both ends that not including the nipples is about 1/2 to 1 inch long and about the same size around if you have the correct filter then i would be checking the gas cap vent to make sure its clear and if it has a fuel pump check that it is working correctly
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May people get misled by an empty looking filter. A filter can have enough air trapped in it to look empty yet the gas still flows. If however, it varies between empty and full, then it is likely that air is getting sucked into the line. Check the fuel line for leaks or a cracked pickup tube if gas is drawn out the top of the tank.
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I did replace the fuel filter earlier this year, however, it is not an OEM Kohler fuel filter. This one is a basic "all purpose" fuel filter that's about the same size but is clear plastic.
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