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hmm something followed me home yesturday from the scrapyard :)

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i dont have pictures yet. i got a 1995 lt4000 12.5hp briggs 38" deck riding mower yesterday. here are (or were i fixed somethings since) dash and side panels were smashed, smashed gas tank. mandril was busted deck bent a bit and pulley smashed. ignition switch busted (cheap plastic one), seat bent hood bent and fenders has a bend in them, right footrest is bent a bit but i think i can fix it. well i replaced the dash both side panels and hood yesterday. had a gas tank around that i put on it. fixed the deck with another mandril and pulley and heated up the deck and bent it back. bought new ignition switch and installed it no more plastic one. reason i bought it was rims have no rust tires are good matter infact one of them is brand new. and there s no rust on the mower itself besides parts i put on it. got it running today and noticed oil pan bolts are loose oops. i am going to tighten them tomorrow.over all it will be a nice mower when i am done with it. oh there is one small electrical issue i dont know how to fix, but i am thinking its the seat safety switch. u let clutch peddle out and it dies. my 2003 does that if ur not sitting on the mower so i am thinking its the safety switch thats bad on the 95 cuase it will die even if ur sitting on it lol. i am just happy i got a winter project :fing32: mower frame is straight it steers fine no play.
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yea well i only have about 4 years of fixing mowers under my belt. but i am doing stuff my dad would never of even attempted. hes the one that got me started and since then well i been fixing alot of them. even his wheel horses. when i brought the mower home he gave me a strange look. when he heard it start today my mom heard him tell one of our friends that he was surprised i got it running.
Scrap tractors are fun-
Yup! I love making something good and usable out of "junk".
well the 12.5 has a bad pan seal and i dont have money for the seal so i am putting my reliable 12hp 1997 briggs on it that has about 150 hours on the engine :). 12hp been sitting in my shed for past 7 months.
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