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Hitch pin ('52 8N) will not come out...Help

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I did a search for hitch pin and found the link below. However it didn't help me. My pin, located below the differential, is spring loaded and moves freely up and down...will also turn both ways. Doesn't appear to be damaged. There is a pin that looks like it will fit in the notches, but it will not lower.

I have tried, I think everything to push, pull & turn the pin...but I can't get it to pull out (lower) as described in the link below.

HELP!! :banghead3
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Mine is out now and not spring loaded. Just has two "ears" on it. To remove I lifted up , turned it some until it dropped out. I did not check parts manual to see about the spring loaded bit but you might try that.
Yeap, it should push up and turn just a bit then drop out. They are spring loaded.
If you have this style the pin has a hair pin above. Pull the hair pin and the big pin will fall right out.


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