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Hit a wall removing 420 PTO clutch

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I was able to pull the engine out of my 420 tonight (thanks for everyone's advice on the previous belt tension issue). Now, I need to remove the PTO clutch/exhaust system, then intake manifold (in hopes of rebuilding the carb). I was able to remove the PTO armature, then the rotor. I now need to remove the key to get the remaining components of the clutch off so I can access the muffler bolt heads. The key seems pretty stuck in there. Reading other threads, it looks like the first step will be to pick up some penetrating oil tomorrow and get that working. Any other thoughts on tackling this?

Pic attached.


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Vise grips and side cutters are two tools that I would use in that situation.
How would you go about it?
Using a side cutter with a sharp cutting edge, grab the key head on as low as you can. Then use it like a lever trying to wiggle it up and down. If you can get some movement a vice grip locked on will easily pull it backwards. Also a pry bar behind the Vise grip jaw will exert quite a bit of force. Tapping with a brass drift on the sides of the key while using penetrant may help too.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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