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Hit a wall removing 420 PTO clutch

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I was able to pull the engine out of my 420 tonight (thanks for everyone's advice on the previous belt tension issue). Now, I need to remove the PTO clutch/exhaust system, then intake manifold (in hopes of rebuilding the carb). I was able to remove the PTO armature, then the rotor. I now need to remove the key to get the remaining components of the clutch off so I can access the muffler bolt heads. The key seems pretty stuck in there. Reading other threads, it looks like the first step will be to pick up some penetrating oil tomorrow and get that working. Any other thoughts on tackling this?

Pic attached.


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It does not look like you have a lot to work with at all, but this is one of the few applications for which I would use vise grips....try to grip it with the grips.....if you have, or can borrow or rent a slide hammer, hook the vise grips and not hard, but sharply "shock" it with short frequent slides of the weight and see if it works...I offer this in the event that the tapping with a small chisel or a drift r punch does not work...that key should be pretty soft, so I don't think that a brass hammer would be effective...when replacing that key use a new one and maybe apply some Thread is a product that has graphite in it ..Permatex makes a product similar to it , I think it is just called anti seize compound...that will help if you have to do this again in the future
Transmission fluid mixed with a small amount of acetone will help as a penetrant
Good luck and let us know how it would be interesting to know what worked
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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