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The wife and I took a nice little train trip last summer. This ride originates in Elkins, West Virginia with the destination being the High Falls of Cheat.

The rail line is part of the old B&O system. It was originally built by the railroad tycoon Henry Gassaway Davis and called the Coal and Coke Railroad. It was then sold to the Western Maryland Railroad and then to the B & O. It is now owned by the State of West Virginia and Called the West Virginia Central. Operation is under lease to another company called the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad. They operate several excursion trains in the area. Here is their website:

This particular train is called the New Tygart Flyer. It's page can be seen here:

The High Falls can only be accessed by two ways: hiking in or riding the train. The falls are 18' high and 150' wide. They are not named for being high, as in height, but named for being high in the mountains not too far from the headwaters of the river.


Google Maps

The trip is a lot of fun with lots of great scenery to be taken in. One highlight of the trip is a tunnel that is original to the line. It is so small the "modern" locomotives and passenger cars fit through with only about 6" to spare on each side.

Well, enough of my jabbering. On to the pictures.

Falls from the top and side:

Views of parts of the falls from downstream, taken from left to right:

It's a great day trip in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia!

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beautiful scenery!
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