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HI Y'all

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I'm new to this field of working on small engines and want to learn much more.
I'm what is called a "shadetree mechanic" :). I help the neighbors with their mowers, weed whackers and such. Nothing major, just try to help out. I have my own "Piddlin & Ponderin" shop next to my house, where I tinker on stuff. I'm in the process of learning about Hydrogen generators to put on my truck to help with gas guzzle. I really like this site and the help it has already been to me. I learned that the 27hp Kohler engine on my mower has problems with headgaskets blowing. I have that problem with my cub cadet mower. The info I recvd from the forum site will allow me to change it out. Thanks for this site.
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Tork, good to have you with us and glad you are enjoying the site :fing32:
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