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Hi Ya'll

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Hiya. Found you guys while guzzling my sweet tea in anger. I had just accidentally knocked my sausage biscuit (which was perched precariously on top of my computer mouse) onto the floor. It didn't stay there long. I went to reach for it and my German Shepherd beat me to it. All this because I was frustrated about the tractor sitting in my driveway. What kind of tractor could bring a man to throw down a perfectly good sausage biscuit, you may ask...I have NO idea! :tango_face_crying: but we'll chat later. c-ya.
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Welcome! what brand of tractor is sitting in your driveway with the cold seat?
It's a Mitsubishi. I have numbers off plates, stamped into metal, and all sorts of Japanese writing....and I'm told that none of it helps much. I've been told that it's a MT7601D, a MT7301D and finally, a MT6501...but so far, it's all been "well, we think it's.....". All anyone can agree on, is that its a grey market tractor. I'm feeling a little bent over here...I didn't even know what a grey market tractor until 3 weeks ago...So, I've come to you guys to see if ya'll can sort me out.....Help me Obi-wan, you're my only hope.
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