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Hi My name is Joe (Ford 545D)

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Hi my name is Joe and I'm new here. I'm from Hazleton Pa and I'm looking for some info/parts for my Ford 545D.

My tractor's injection pump (Lucas DP200) is shot and I'm having a real hard time finding any info, parts, used pump or anything about it.

It's a 1998 model BTW.

Type 1298

Model 8922A211W


Serial 28406BSG

If anyone can help me out with any info, parts, used pump, anything...I would really appreciate it
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Hi Joe,

Welcome to MTF!

Feel free to make a "want" ad for the parts you're looking for in the Shopping Mall section. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location) - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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