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Hi, I'm new

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:thThumbsU I've been into things on 4 wheels for 45 years and I'm only 50. As a kid, I built some pretty strange vehicles in my father's home shop. Now I have built up my own shop and enjoy rebuilding various kinds of earthmoving equipment. I have a Bobcat 825 circa 79/80 that I tore everything apart (except the injection pump), cleaned/sandblasted and powder coated. It looked brand new when I did this about 5 years ago and still looks quite good now. I recently bought a Case Trencher/Backhoe that I will also restore AND use (I don't have tools for show-they are all meant to be used). Also have a JD LT155 :greendr: with a Cyclone rake (I saw some posts here about the Cyclone and the praises-I guess I must have purchased it before they made improvements). I belong to a local metalworking club ( ) and there are photos of my shop (second set-October 2005) along with my Bobcat being reassembled. I live in Suffolk COunty on Long Island in New York with my lovely wife Judy and my Bordador (Border Collie-Labrador Retriever) Babe. I suppose I could go on and on but this is only supposed to be an introduction. TTYL, Paul :cool:
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