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Hi from Western Wisconsin

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I just registered on the site. I have been checking and reading information on the site for months and I finally took the time to register.

I've learned alot already and hope to learn more and maybe help someone else if I can.

I have a John Deere 2010 model 2520 with 200 CX loader, JD 655 tiller, JD ballast box, Frontier SB1164 3 ph snowblower, Frontier 60" box blade and a Constructiion Attachments 42" pallet forks.

I've only had my tractor a little less than 2 years, but I seem to find more uses for it all the time.
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Welcome to MTF, R Longrider. Nice to have you here. Enjoy your visits and let us know if you have any questions.
:MTF_wel2:Welcome from N.Illinois.:thThumbsU
Hello dude. :howdy:

:MTF_wel: Looks like you're a JD kind of guy. Enjoy the forums. :D
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

Hello Rick, and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:

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