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I just took up an invitation to join here, hoping to learn and share. I recently acquired a 9N. My folks had a couple when I was young, one very briefly, the other for years. I always wanted one. I painfully regret letting theirs get away after my Dad died...

I had a Case VAC here for a few years, but it needed TONS of work and parts, and I didn't like that it backed up at about 35 mph (so it seemed) so it couldn't get a large load going in reverse, rendering it pointless for me. I sold it cheap, to a guy who assured me he wanted to restore it, not scrap it. He drove too far for it, proving this.

I sure like the Ford Ns for the sheer availability of parts, their simple design, and easy to get on and off quick. And their looks. I'm learning my N has some rare items on it, too.

Grew up in and around farm land; Oregon coast, now reside in Central Oregon for over 20 years. Found my new toy by accident! Got it for a decent price, I think.

I've always had a fascination for any and all heavy or industrial equipment. I build models of much of it. Thanks Dan
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