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Hi Everyone!

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Hi MTF. Found you all through Google. Was given an old Murray Widebody
that I think is worth "fixin up". You'll see some posts from me soon. Looking forward to a new project and sharing any info I might pick up along the way. I would post some pics, but my camera took a dump. will get some up soon
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:MTF_wel: Glad you found us. This is great place to find help when you need it. And maybe somedayive a little help to some other member. Enjoy.
John, Weclome to the forum and good luck with the Murray. :MTF_wel2:
:Welcome1: John, from western WI! :howdy:
:MTF_wel2:,we are glad you are here.Check out the Murray forums.:thThumbsU
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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