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hi dee ho

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Hi, hello, shalom, bon jour, gutten tag, ni haw etc.

Just a guy in NJ with a deere yard tractor looking for some advice on adding parts in the most cryptic secretive tractor club - John Deere - Sheesh!
Been quite pleased with the sucker, just looking to expand on its usage beyond a shave and a haircut (mow n snow) and hoping to attach accessories I can find 2nd hand to save a few coin.

How many "master" part numbers can one company create for a device?
Is it just to confuse the heck out of everyone?
How can they not have a simple compendium for finding those parts, what they will or won't work on or if there are adapter components to allow interchanging and the manuals for these devices all in 1 place online....super secret club I tell ya!

Anywho, looking forward to the sage wisdom imparted on this interweb stop

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome aboard, lot's of wisdom to go around here!
Howda-lee, dooda-ly neighbor-ino, top of the evening to ya gov-nah.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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