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I was just google-ing information on a mower I have and ran into this Forum. So with no further ado I'm Tony and glad to join. I have Several Lawn Tractors mostly Craftsman but I have a John Deere, Scotts, and a MTD or Yardman. I am interested in building them into little go cart type race mowers and only keeping one stock for mowing purposes. As is I have a total of 8 Yard Tractors and about 20 lawn mowers. So yeah basically my back yard looks like a Junk Yard :dunno: I won't ask any question here but will put a link to the mower I have that brought me here to this forum.

I think the one I have is green though.

Any way l'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll and intermingling in the threads here at MTF.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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