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Got an Ariens YT12 with B&S engine with Hydrostat I bought last year, maybe the most frustrating thing to work on I've ever owned? (I'm a heavy equipment mechanic by trade) Anyway, it's definitely and love/hate relationship... Looking forward to getting a little help with it, I just blew the main drive belt the other day and it was so shredded I can't figure out quite how and where to run the new one...

I already went through this last year when I pulled the whole PTO housing out to weld the broken mounting plate, and the thing had been fine ever since.

But it looks like my idler spring blew off while mowing (it's still MIA someone on the lawn or in the clippings?) and the belt went gunny bag on me...

Which leads me to think that maybe the belt was a tad too long, and the spring was too slack?

Originally a shop around here had told me it was a 71" belt, and it was nuts trying to put that one on, but I did... and instantly realized it was way too tight! Checked another source and they said 73" belt, and that's what I put in and mowed the rest of the year with it... but now researching this again I come up with info that it's a 72" belt?

Anyway, what I'd really like (besides knowing what the right belt is) is someone to post a couple clear pics of the belt routing towards the back of the machine.

I've got four different books that came with this thing, and the dang Ariens 935 Repair Manual shows a great drawing of the belt run for a YT12 with gear drive, but not a drawing for a machine with a Hydrostat...

If someone has the drawing for this set-up I'd like to see it!

Anyway, I need to get this thing back together in time to mow again, which at this time of year happens pretty fast!

So, thx in advance for any help on this!!! ;-)
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