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hey ya'll got a ?

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been a long time lurker, getting good info.. but i need a little help with the latest find.. i am a lawnboy addict, have several 10323.+ spare engines...a lawnboy zero turn.. and my latest find is a 10515.. i cleaned the carb.. replace float needle and seat..had to use the old idle adjust screw cleaned it the best i could.. well the mower cranked but ran only on the choke position.. i had the adj. screw turn out 1 1/2 turns.. it was getting late put it up for the night.. in the am there was a pool of oil looking stuff, i had left the gas on.. i am thinking the bottom seal let the gas go tru the block and muffler..

how many turns out should the adj. screw be out.. and where would be a good internet place to get the seals. thanks in advance c falcon
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On that metal Walbro carb, I find that 1/2 turn out is just about perfect every time.
Welcome to the forum. We want some pics of the machines
Welcome to the site! Glad you found us.

As far as the seals go, I think that most on here would agree that unless you need more than just seals, your better off to go to the Lawnboy dealer. You'll spend less on the seals there than you would on the shipping/handling thru mailorder. Probably $5-6 total at the dealer for 2.
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