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Hey, things are happening in the dirt!

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Just a photo update - This bugger is going for it despite my best efforts to abuse it! Pictures are taken about a month apart.

Broccoli and cucumber didn't make it - Dow Gauk beans caught a virus, but still going! Corn, love my corn - some are tassling! Blue lake Beans doing a ok!

Harvested my first zucchini - I'm totally sure it won't be the last! :eek:mg:

Had to show off my only flower planting - Keeps folks off the septic riser.

One for towing, one for mowing!

PS - Painted the house trim green - love it!

Happy summer everyone!



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That squash plant is lookin' good.
Good job Sheila!! You'll only get better at it. Have put up 14Qts of green beans,we plant Derby. Eggplant, colored peppers, cabbage, broccoli cauliflower,lettice radishes,new potatoes, and tomatoes. you'll catch up!!!
Great looking garden.

You're not too far behind. I didn't get mine in until the first of June due to all of the rains. We are about at the same stages.

Nice tractor shot too.
lol, you guys would **** if i made a thread of a pot farm...
Lots of other-work there, too---but I can see you are proud!!

keep us informed !! garden pictures are great!
oh, forgot to add...Looks great, keep postin pictures sheila!
Well - here's this week's update!

This is me in the corn patch with my nephew's watermelon plant. We planted 6 "hills" - and this silly one N of the corn is doing best.

It will not matter if it gets a natural melon in time - There ill be a melon there when he visits this fall, super-glued implant if need be. He's 8 and it got in late.

Of course, my corn is silking! Redheads! Hoping a little vintage Barry White on the loud speakers helps with pollination, (along with me shaking the stalk a bit when there is no wind)

:thanku: everyone for the comments and advice! You're sweethearts!




We're starting the fall planting this week here and I 'may' try some more corn- the flea beetle infestation was so bad I gave up on my spring crop..

Good Idea on the melon. As long as he knows how it comes from the earth not a market, it's all good... The super glue part made the wife and I laugh! I may use that on the great grand kids later this year...
Yep, bdoss, If the Kids believe, I"ll believe in the Great Pumpkin and Watermelons growing in the Cascade Foothills. Aunt sheila is ready to build a greenhouse around that plant if need be.

Have a good one!

It appears the gardening is coming along quite nice and :thanku: for the update Shelia :).
:fing32: Sheila!Nothing beats eating fresh vegees right out of the garden.
Yep, it sure spoils you after you get the fresh stuff!
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