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None of the above. It stands alone.

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heya and thanks for chiming in.

So it was built from scratch ? for the small farmer?

cool cool.

Reason i ask is i m going to be building a power king version of the 440 allis chalmers useing 3 power kings i have well 4 one is staying stock

So i am looking for its big brother to mimic,so i guess ill have to wing it LOL

What tractor do you guys, think, would be best to mimic useing the power kings? I have 3 not complete tractors but enough to make one good working articulating 4WD garden ... scaled down tractor

welding / fab/ what ever will be done by me so I will fab whatever i need , really just using the running gear and motors. fabbing /all other body / frame/ mods

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Sounds like fun. If your good with sheet metal work you should be able to use the frame and running gear to make a scaled down version of almost any farm tractor you want. Lawn and Garden Collector magazine always has some good examples of what has been done as scale models.
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