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Hey Everyone

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Hey everyone, new to this forum. I have 2 John Deere 318's that I use to mow a couple properties with. Looking to learn more about them since I have only Owned them for less than 3 months. Thanks
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great tractors what are you looking to learn?
:MTF_wel: WELCOME to the forum! The best tractor site on the internet. You came to the right place.
The first 318 I got from my uncle was free, it has 11** hours on it and runs real nice. I use it to mow and make $70 a week with it. He sold me the other one he had that has a hydraulic up and down and hydraulic left to right snow plow. That 318 only has 4** hours on it and the engine was supposedly rebuilt in 1998 according to the writing on the inside of the hood(my uncle bought it used so who really knows). The problem with that 318 is the surging which is why I joined to read up more on possible causes.

Which looks to be the intake manifold leak or maybe a carb idle jet issue. But I will keep reading up.
Forgot to mention the free one needed fuel lines replaced and had some electrical issues that I finally got figured out along with some tire tubes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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