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Hex Shaft boot

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Has anyone ever tried to patch the boot on the hex shaft instead of replacing it? I checked mine today and it was in pretty bad shape. It was still clamped good on both ends but there was two or three places where it was separated. I put duct tape over the splits and then took electrical tape and started at one end and wrapped it good all the way to the other end. It made a pretty neat looking fix but I don't know whether it will hold up or not. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
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The later boots,are the "black rubbery" ones,same part number,much easier to get if you buy them in person, and ask for them,as a lot of dealers,have the old "white plastic" ones in stock,and would like to sell them first. the new ones seem to last much longer.

Found on E-bay ,good price, and shipping, shipping will probably be slow at this price, I haven't dealt with this vendor, so no pro or con. P.S. this is for 1 boot.
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