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Hex Shaft boot

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Has anyone ever tried to patch the boot on the hex shaft instead of replacing it? I checked mine today and it was in pretty bad shape. It was still clamped good on both ends but there was two or three places where it was separated. I put duct tape over the splits and then took electrical tape and started at one end and wrapped it good all the way to the other end. It made a pretty neat looking fix but I don't know whether it will hold up or not. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
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I don't want to throw cold water on your efforts, but did you try to use the gear shift lever to slide the chain case back and forth after doing all the taping? The boots are to seal the hex from dirt which will form grinding compound[more or less...] when mixed with the 00 grease. The 00 will stick, and the dirt will do the grinding.
I *think* the duct tape will not take the flexing from expansion/contraction as the chain case moves back and forth. For the sake of your effort, hope I am mistaken. I have replace the boots twice so far in 20+ years, the first replacement not lasting as long as the 2nd. Reminds me to take a look...
You might find the duct tape increases the effort needed to shift into higher gears. Good winter project as suggested.
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