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Hex Shaft boot

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Has anyone ever tried to patch the boot on the hex shaft instead of replacing it? I checked mine today and it was in pretty bad shape. It was still clamped good on both ends but there was two or three places where it was separated. I put duct tape over the splits and then took electrical tape and started at one end and wrapped it good all the way to the other end. It made a pretty neat looking fix but I don't know whether it will hold up or not. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
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Thanks guys. I did shift through the range of gears and I could tell it seemed slightly stiffer. I am ordering the boot to install during the off season.
Thanks DC! I may have to order it since I live in a small town. The nearest dealer is an hour away. Mine only had one boot on it. Is it suppose to have one on both sides of the chain housing?
Thanks Nova. I looked at the parts list and it calls for a long one and a short one. I will check on Amazon and see if they have both.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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