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Helped a friend by a G14... have questions

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I helped a friend of mine pick out a bolens. I think he did really well with the purchase, but I have a few questions that i'm sure you guys can answers.

The tractor is a G14, under the hood the engine looks perfect.. outside the hood.. the tractor looks like it caught a case of the death rust. The hood is really rusted and pitted, along with the fenders. However it ran like a charm and had fairly new ag tires on the rear and new tires on the front. It included a very nice mower deck (still in factory green?) and a david brantly plow with sleeve hitch. It also has another plow looking attachment, looks like its made to clear a ditch? not sure what they are called. Everything is fairly rusty.. but will clean up easily.

Here are my questions....

How good are the techumseh engines on these?

Is the hydraulic lift a standard item on the G14, or did he get lucky recieving this on his tractor?

What should the fenders look like? his are really small, look like the 1050's in the barn.

Do these have a locking differential on them? it has wheel weights on it so I couldn't see.

It wouldn't push backwards... just forward while in neutral? Is that the reason for the pin?

What would something like this be worth? I know his plan is to paint it and sell it, or part it out since I sold him my Cub 1811 a few months ago.

Did he get a good deal, only $275.00 total?

I'm thinking about buying it from him once he gets it a little cleaned up... I have a tiller and sickle bar mower that went on our 1050... suppose they will fit this?

Thanks for the help,

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Also curious... did they make a sleeve hitch for the large frame tractors? the sleeve hitch he got with the tractor looks like its made for a slightly larger GT, the past owner also owned a 1883. Is it possible the sleeve hitch and plow were on the large frame? The plow is alot heavier and looks bigger than our Brinley plow. It is a David Brantley I believe, and I'm going to guess the sleeve hitch to be one as well? Are these rare?

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Answered questions in order they were asked (for the ones i could ask).

Yes, these older tecumsehs are just as good as the old briggs and in some cases even nicer- they featured a solid state ignition that would never wear out.

No, your friend did get lucky. The G-14s dont come with hydraulic lift arms standard... it would be tough to run hydro stuff when your tractor is geared and i'm not sure how that one is setup to operate with hydraulics...

The fenders are meant to be small, they dont cover much but for just the tops of the wheels.

Yes, the g-14's do feature a locking diff.

Yes, the pin in there makes the tractor immovable backwards unless you plan on wrecking the tranny and skidding it.

The original offer for my g-14 was $200, but i got it for really cheap at only $100... it was a sweet deal and i think the owner just wanted one of his fifteen or so bolens tractors out by the way i didnt get it with any attachments. So i think you got a nice deal at $275 especially with the engine in great shape.

I am not sure about compatibility, but since they are both tube frames, i bet they would work.

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I'm thinking I should buy this from him. I know once he gets it tuned up and cleaned up he will want to flip it for some profit, but I think I can talk him into leaving it the same... other than a wash job. I could use it right now since my HT23 is in a state of restoration. I'm thinking the sickle bar mower we have would be really handy on it as well.

Does anyone have experience with a sicklebar mower on a tube frame?
How well do they cut? and how heavy of stuff will they go through?
Are the parts available for these?
The sickle bar came off of an older 800 series bolens, will it fit a G14?

Thanks again for the help.

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I think you got a good deal. What's it hurt to ask him if you can just buy it for the price he got it. As far as the sleeve hitch, I have seen one other type for a large frame and I think it was 3rd party. Yours might be for a newer Bolens non-large frame.
The rear fenders on a G-14 are not small like a 1050. They are full fenders that go down almost to the foot rests.
The rear fenders on a G-14 are not small like a 1050. They are full fenders that go down almost to the foot rests.
Good point, i guess its all on how you interpret "full fenders" whether that means going down to the footrest or going stright through the whole footrest into the front like a lot of case 446's have.
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Interesting, I will have to do some number searching on the tractor for him. Something is off... the motor is a Techumseh and the hood has the scoop for clearance... however the hole in the hood looked like it had been cut out roughly... not as clean as something the factory would do.

Now i'm wondering if the tractor was originally a 1050 or such with a motor transplant. It is black and white... though its hard to tell the true color. I didn't observe the numbers on the tractor beyond those of the hood sticker. What difference would I find between a G14 and other tube frames? this will help me discover its true origin. The choke and throttle pull out like a 1050, did the G14 have levers factory? or pull knobs as well?

Thanks again for the help guys. I'm putting serious thought into buying it from him once he's done playing with it. Right now he's using it to dig a ditch. He had never used a plow before and was completely in AWE with this tractor. He couldn't believe how well it pulled through the hard earth. I'm fairly convinced that it would give my HT23 a serious pull. I had no idea how much strength the little tube frames had with the low gear. I grew up mowing with one... but I never once had to put it into low gear... that made mowing boring lol. I don't think we ever had the rear axle locked either while mowing.

Amazing... will have a tube frame.. or repower one of the three we already have. 1050, 800, 900.

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Sounds like that is a 1050 with a OH14 Transplant. My G14 has the throttle and choke levers. I see no difference between the G14 and the 1050 except the sheet metal and horsepower. I've had both the 1050 and the G14 transmissions apart and they are identical. I used the clutch, drive shaft, input shaft, and pto from my parts 1050 for the G14.
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I found the metal tags on the tractor last night, its a 1453.. so I guess the fenders were exchanged to make room for the hydraulic lift perhaps?
There is a knock-out in the fender to clear the hydraulic lift ram. There are pictures around the site, and you can see it on the first page of this manual - . That is how my ram clears my G14 fender.
hmmm....... well the mystery continues. I'm pretty sure it is a G14 after looking at the metal tag above the left foot rest. I suppose someone could have swapped all of the sheet metal up front, however I inspected the paint and you could tell it was all black and white originally. How hard are hoods to find? he did some major damage to the hood yesterday. He didn't realize that he had left it unhooked... was headed down the hill in his front yard ( very steep), and before he knew it the hood had swung all the way open ( no catch rod/cable attaching it...just the hinge) and ran over it. Its pretty mangled... I was in complete shock. He had just painted it a few days before. I could tell he was really upset... although I was contemplating the value in my favor immediately lol. I would still give him what he paid without a hood... possibly more.
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A 1453 is a G14 and they had black frames and white sheet metal. If it has a small rear fender, the PO might have taken this off an 850/1050. I an extra hood but I think shipping would be crazy.
I have a 1050 and another tube frame in the barn. I think the hoods minus the scoop are the same. I haven't decided if I should sell one yet. I would like to rebuild one of the tractors one day.
so it's not good to put the hydraulic lift on the bolens G14?
Hydraulics on a G14 is a great idea! Hydraulic lift was an option on the tube frames. There is one available on Ebay right now.|66:2|39:1|293:1|294:50

Of course, if you can't find a factory set-up, you can build your own. I did it myself. Those tube frame attachments are very heavy, well built items.

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I found the metal tags on the tractor last night, its a 1453.. so I guess the fenders were exchanged to make room for the hydraulic lift perhaps?
The 1453 is a G14. The hydraulic lift was an option for the G14 and no fender-cutting or changing was needed. I, too, had a G14 with the hydraulic lift. All it did was mount under the engine and to the side near the muffler. It was driven by a belt attached to it's pump and the extra groove on the pulley of the engine.
The G14 is a strong little beast, but it wouldn't hold up to your HT23. I have an HT23 now and dragged a Cub super garden tractor backwards....easily. I hope ur friend gets it restorerd/rebuilt cuz that is a fine tractor. And $275 was a great price for everything he got with it. Including the nice engine. Best of luck.
Dr. Hook

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so it's not good to put the hydraulic lift on the bolens G14?
No, it's a very good idea to put the hydraulics on the G14. One of the best and easiest mods you could do for it. I had one and it worked like a charm. Almost as easy as having an H14.
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