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Help: your advice on 12.5LTH

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I've been shopping for a used mower for a while now and have determined that Simplicity makes great machines. I have found an early 90's 12.5LTH in very good condition. Seat is great, engine seems to run great, chasis is in very good condition overall. I can get it for $350. My yard is about 3/4 acre of grass area. There are a couple decent size hills.

1) Your advice on price
2) Owner claims deck size is 36". I didn't know Simplicity built that model with 36" decks. I thought they were 38".
3) Are there mulch kits available for an early 90's 12.5LTH?
4) Is 12.5HP enough to climb hills? I've read on this forum and elsewhere that HP comparisons of old and new tractors is not apples to apples. I'm concerned though that 12.5HP might not really be enough for anything more than flat land with maybe small hills.

Thank you for your input.
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I have the same tractor but in Deutz Allis Green. It's 12.5 hp Vanguard twin with 38" mowing deck. Simply put, I would not pass up the chance to get the one in your area. I paid similar amount 4 months ago($400 delivered).

I ordered mulching plate and Gator blades and I highly recommend it. Have been mowing whole summer that way and it does great job of turning clippings into smaller bits, and no side discharge.

As others say the engine is strong but my feeling is the transmission is not in the same league. No issues yet but based on the sound it makes under load(I have an incline on side of house where going up from walk-out basement) I wonder if it will last as long as the engine.

I've replaced the oil in the transmission but the whine/hiss noise under load didn't get any better. Who knows, maybe this is how it was at the factory long ago? Or maybe I will be looking for a replacement next season.

Either way, I am very satisfied with the quality of cut by Simplicity. Everytime I finish it amazes me the difference in cut compared to my neighbor's.
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