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Help: your advice on 12.5LTH

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I've been shopping for a used mower for a while now and have determined that Simplicity makes great machines. I have found an early 90's 12.5LTH in very good condition. Seat is great, engine seems to run great, chasis is in very good condition overall. I can get it for $350. My yard is about 3/4 acre of grass area. There are a couple decent size hills.

1) Your advice on price
2) Owner claims deck size is 36". I didn't know Simplicity built that model with 36" decks. I thought they were 38".
3) Are there mulch kits available for an early 90's 12.5LTH?
4) Is 12.5HP enough to climb hills? I've read on this forum and elsewhere that HP comparisons of old and new tractors is not apples to apples. I'm concerned though that 12.5HP might not really be enough for anything more than flat land with maybe small hills.

Thank you for your input.
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Gator blades are excellent! When my old tractor was down, I borrowed my friend's old wheel horse with gator blades installed. The first time I started mowing, I thought there was a problem with his deck ...maybe it wasnt down low enough, etc. I didnt see the grass clippings coming out of the chute (relative to my mower). I then realized that the gators where chopping things up so fine, I could barely see the clippings. Very nice!! Unfortunaly I was unable to order gators for my old Ingersoll because they didnt make the right mount.

I have since replaced the Ingersoll and just aquired an old Allis Chalmers 912H. I promply removed the old blades and have ordered gators. Got a nice deal at

i also agree with keeping blades sharp. A dull blade basically beats and tears the grass. A sharp blade will cut it. A gator blade will cut the clippings, lift them up and continue to cut them.

I'll report back as to how they cut
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