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Help: your advice on 12.5LTH

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I've been shopping for a used mower for a while now and have determined that Simplicity makes great machines. I have found an early 90's 12.5LTH in very good condition. Seat is great, engine seems to run great, chasis is in very good condition overall. I can get it for $350. My yard is about 3/4 acre of grass area. There are a couple decent size hills.

1) Your advice on price
2) Owner claims deck size is 36". I didn't know Simplicity built that model with 36" decks. I thought they were 38".
3) Are there mulch kits available for an early 90's 12.5LTH?
4) Is 12.5HP enough to climb hills? I've read on this forum and elsewhere that HP comparisons of old and new tractors is not apples to apples. I'm concerned though that 12.5HP might not really be enough for anything more than flat land with maybe small hills.

Thank you for your input.
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First off, :Welcome1:

Next up, the price seems very fair indeed with the delivery.

As for discharging the's the key. Don't let the grass get out of hand. Under normal mowing, meaning you're not really cutting that much of the blades off, it shouldn't be a noticable deal with the clippings. If it is, then you might consider some hi lift Gator blades.

Another point is keeping your blades well maintained...keep'em sharp! This helps with a cleaner cut that is better for the grass, easier on the tractor and finally, it cuts and recuts the clippings much better while they're still in the deck. Dull blades instead of a clean precision cut tears the top of the grass off and leads to clumping because they don't get much of another cut after the initial tearing of the blade, they more or less get beat around inside the deck rather than being recut cleanly.

Many find it amazing how easily blades can be dulled. If you're forced into a wet situation only a single mow could well dull the blades. Hitting objects...small branches, pinecones or other small lawn debris can quickly erode the finish and lead to big clippings and clumping. If these sitiuations occur, you'll need to sharpen and balance the blades again right away.

Lets review:

Congrats on what I feel is a very good deal! I feel it's likely worth much more.

Don't wait until the grass is tall...if you must do to weather, mow it twice, first at a much higher setting and then again at the normal setting.

Keep your blades sharp and balanced.

Always walk the property first to clear any debris...this is easier and less time consuming then to hit something and have to pull the blades off again for maintenance.

And of course, one final thing when you get the new machine... :wwp:

Keep us updated and enjoy your way to a beautiful lawn!
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Also keep in mind, many hydro's get louder with as the load increases...this is normal for many of them.
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