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are you the high or the range on the pto lever switch to the lower range and see if that makes a different. The lever should on your left when your seating right behind the gear shift. I know on my L3600 I sometime have to go on shift between hi and lo depends on the tool I have on it. Also as a suggestion do you have a quick hitch on the tractor. makes it so much easier to connect on to the implements. I donn't think the snowblower would work with it but all the other tools would and like I say so much easier to connect to if your doing it yourself.
If you need any manual on the tractor, parts and service I can download for you. My email address is: [email protected]
If you need any help give me a email. I love my L3600 and also got a zd21 and G2160.
Ltr Mike :thThumbsU
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