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Help with transaxle

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Hi guys. Not sure how many of you frequent the Backyard round table. I just posted a thread there for some help.

The details are there, but in a nutshell I overworked the K46 in my 2010 YT4000. (917.288570).

Looking for rebuild info for the K57 internals upgrade.

Also considering a K66 or K71/K72 swap if I can be directed to the right unit to look for.

All help is appreciated. Thanks -Adam
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I am kind of surprised that i have not had too many people offer input. I guess there has not been too many people that have done a swap like this.

I was hoping to go and do some running around looking for a transaxle today but wasn't able to. Anyone here have a line on a good transaxle or a place to go looking?
I pulled the trigger on a used K71E out of a Simplicity.

Updates to come!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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