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Help With reverse pedal

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I just returned a brand new Husqvarna to Lowes because it had a carb issue and decided to get JD LA145 and like to way it runs and rides alot better. I haven't even cut the grass with it yet. I'm having an issue with the reverse pedal. If I slowly press down it, it just creeps slowly backwards and pressing harder doesn't speed it up. I have to literally stomp my foot down on it to go faster. Anyone else experience this problem? I think I'll be calling the warranty dept tomorrow.
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My father had a 135 which is the same as the L135 I think. It was very slow in reverse also. I thought maybe they were all like this. My gx345 will spin the wheels going into reverse and go just about as fast backwards as forward. My LT166 was not that speedy in reverse either, but faster than the 135.
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I think there may be a simple adjustment to correct this. Check with a local JD Dealer, which is where you probably have to have any warranty work done at.
I ran a similar model for my Aunt a couple of times last summer, and I found it really moved in reverse if you slid your foot under the forward pedal and pulled back, rather than use the reverse pedal. It quickly became second nature, and required no adjustment.
There was a post a few days ago about an X500 being slow in reverse. I don't know how to link you to that post but it was about three days ago. I don't know if your set up is similar but the replies gave the spec's on the adjustment of the pedals. It sounds like you could improve the performance with the correct adjustment. Good luck and enjoy your new tractor.
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Thanks. I'll take a closer look at it as soon as I get a chance.
It must just need 135 will jerk me backwards if I push too hard...learning to have a light touch though......
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