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help with my new MF10

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Howdy, just picked up a new to me mf10. I'm not sure of the year, I havent had a chance to look into everything. I have a few ID questions, as it looks like it doesn't have the original motor. Can anyone tell from the pics which craftsman motor that is, and what horsepower it would be?

Also, the shifter has the first hear location blocked off. I'm not sure if that means 1st gear is busted, or it is perhaps a different trans that is only a 3 speed.

Other than those two things (non original motor, and transmission quandry), it looks like it is in great shape, and runs great! The 42" mower deck works flawlessly. It looks like someone put in a lot of work to restore this. The guy I bought it from got it in a trade, so he really didnt know much about it. I almost passed due to the unknowns, but it looks great and runs great.only thing it could use is a shifter adjustment for 2nd(1st?) gear, as it is a little hard to find

Any info based on the pics as to what I've got would be helpful. Or if you know where I should look for ID markers.



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Ah! That is all good to hear! I just assumed it was not original since I had read the motor was supposed to be a tecumseh.

Thanks for the info. Now I feel even better about my purchase!

So is 2nd gear usually tricky to find? You just have to guess where to put the lever, it doesn't have a notch or click when you get it in the right spot. Anything I can do to adjust that?
Hmm, no edit post button? It must go away after a little bit.

Just ran her out in the yard, my grass is waaay high since my other mower has been broken, and this thing tears into it like a champ! Gotta go pretty slow though with how tall it is. The variable speed drive lever thing is awesome! lets me slow waay down where I need to, even in 2nd.

The tab blocking off 1st is definitely bolted in there. Later on I'll unbolt it and see if it will go into first.
I'd like to till with it... so I guess I'll give it a whirl and see if the gear works. Thanks for the info.

I'm having a little trouble with the starter going REAL slow when cranking. I'm going to double check all the connections. I thought it was the battery, but I replaced it with one that has a much higher amp rating, and it does the same thing. Hopefully it won't be hard to get sorted.
Woohoo! A combination of the paint sticking the tab, and the tab being stuck behind one of the metal covers during re-assembly was the culprit. I pulled the plate, broke the tab free, and proceeded to crawl around in 1st gear :) I'm very happy.

I think I need to replace the positive battery cable and clean up some of the connections. The starter initially starts strong, but subsequent attempts result in a "weak" or studdering starter action.

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