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Help with John Deere 285 Mower Deck

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Hi Folks,

Can anyone provide me with a part number for the mower deck spindle assembly? I recently purchased a 285 but the spindles are bad. Deck is in good shape though.

Not sure if the deck is a 46, 48, or 50 - there is no serial number anywhere that i can find due to a poor respray job by the PO.

The spindle assembly that i removed has a triangular base. They are non-greasable bearings and the entire thing is rusty and beyond repair, so i am going to replace all three.

But i'm having trouble finding anything online for it. Everything that i pull up does not seem to be the right size / type. I first ordered a three pack from ebay, that claimed it fit a John Deere 285, but when i placed the spindles on the deck, the pulleys are way too big, and the holes do not line up. Thanks.
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Only difference between 46" & 50" deck spindles is the pulley.
46" pulley is AM105652 key 2
50" pulley is AM104780 key 2
Hub w/bearings is AM30302 key 8
You will still need the spindle (shaft) AM39916 key 11
key for pulley 26H14 key 3
Nut for pulley P48362 key 1
Washer for blade M92002 key 13
Cap Screw for blade 19H1740 (7/16"-14 x 1 3/4") key 14

Key numbers are for the drawing

Blade measurement should be able to tell if 46" or 50" deck


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