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Help with Gravely 1975 walk behind tractor

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Hi all,
new here, but hope some one can help. Will be buying this walk behind tractor, but there is a part missing, which I dont know what it is. I am based in Europe and the seller know nothing about the machine either. I am attaching pictures. It looks like two hose are missing but from where to where and what do they do, I do not know. The machine is working perfectly fine without them, there is no compressioon both pipes when press with finger tips. Also, can this tractor be use to pull simple cultivator like this one:

This is the part with missing hoses:
click this text to view image
It is just under the air filter and exhaust

Don't know why image is not displayed, so had to do it with a link.

Basically I want to use it like that, but not sure if handles not to short, not allowing me to properly hold and operate when plow plug attached.

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Thank you. The link given is not opening. Not sure if it works only in usa, or is just broken. So, the guy who is selling it, said he thinks same. He thinks is for the fuel pump, but was not sure either. So, if it was converted, there is nothing to worry about, right? As I have tested it for few mins and it was running fine.
Finding a rotary plow here in Europe, is almost immposible. And importing one from usa will cost me more than what i would pay for the machine. Engine is Kohler 12HP, not sure about the exact model.
So, it will be OK plowing with a regular non-powered plow attached to the rear?

BTW how does it work as I am finding it quite heavy to lift and run with it, as in order to operate I have to lift the rear end and it feels quite heavy. Or when a plow or other attachment attached to rear it lift it up and is easy to operate?

This(click here to open picture) here is the only picture I have of the whole unit. There is a hose/pipe coming from the fuel tank going in the engine. You can see part of the hose between the exhaust and the air filter.
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Thank you. Do I have to attach the counter-weight in front, with the four bolts, just where the front attachement has to be? BTW what does PTO mean? And also, are those machines reliable, as replacements parts will be difficult to find in my region. Will be keeping an eye for a rotary plow though, if I decide to buy it. And also, if I do buy it, will you be able to help with giving advice where to put oil and what kind of oil to put as I have seen 3 or 4 places all around the tractor, where oil has to be added.:tango_face_surprise
Thanks for that. Will consider removing the adapter then.
BTW if fuel is being fed to engine using gravity feed, is there anything I should worry about? Also, I will check the pump again tomorrow, when I got to seller, but if openings are depressed with finger and compression feels, is there anything to worry about or I can go ahead and buy it.
Thanks for advices guys. Will have to figure it out, but at the moment, I wont be able to work on the tractor for some time. Meanwhile, I discovered something that troubles me. there is an oil leakage at the bottom, between the wheels. Is it a gasket, or something else causing it. Will have to inspect it more carefully as soon as I get the time.

BTW all those Kohler engines run on petrol/gasoline, right?
thank you. will come back to you guys, as soon as I have any updates. But won't be that soon.
Havent had time to do anything with the gravely, but something just came to my mind. Anyone having an idea what fuel consumption it has? It's the commercial 12 with Kohler 12HP engine.
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