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Help with Gravely 1975 walk behind tractor

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Hi all,
new here, but hope some one can help. Will be buying this walk behind tractor, but there is a part missing, which I dont know what it is. I am based in Europe and the seller know nothing about the machine either. I am attaching pictures. It looks like two hose are missing but from where to where and what do they do, I do not know. The machine is working perfectly fine without them, there is no compressioon both pipes when press with finger tips. Also, can this tractor be use to pull simple cultivator like this one:

This is the part with missing hoses:
click this text to view image
It is just under the air filter and exhaust

Don't know why image is not displayed, so had to do it with a link.

Basically I want to use it like that, but not sure if handles not to short, not allowing me to properly hold and operate when plow plug attached.

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Like someone mentioned, putting weight on the front is going to be very important if you want to pull a plow in the rear. If you just put the plow on the rear, I do not see it working very well at all. You will break your back trying to lift the machine up and walk with it at the same time. I also would not like having the plow in the back and having to avoid tripping over it why trying to control the machine.

I am sure you are going to have to adapt/fabricate something to mount that plow you wanted to use. Why not adapt/fabricate something to mount it to the front of the machine? And add some weight to it also to weigh down the front.

What you want is the front to dig in too much, so you have to push down on the handlebars to bring it up and control it. When you push down on the handle bars, that puts weight on the traction tires and helps keep it from spinning on the ground and gives it traction. You will have to mess with it a little bit to get it balanced out between digging in too much and not digging in enough.
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