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Help with Gravely 1975 walk behind tractor

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Hi all,
new here, but hope some one can help. Will be buying this walk behind tractor, but there is a part missing, which I dont know what it is. I am based in Europe and the seller know nothing about the machine either. I am attaching pictures. It looks like two hose are missing but from where to where and what do they do, I do not know. The machine is working perfectly fine without them, there is no compressioon both pipes when press with finger tips. Also, can this tractor be use to pull simple cultivator like this one:

This is the part with missing hoses:
click this text to view image
It is just under the air filter and exhaust

Don't know why image is not displayed, so had to do it with a link.

Basically I want to use it like that, but not sure if handles not to short, not allowing me to properly hold and operate when plow plug attached.

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You've got a Kohler powered machine, engine looks like a K181, but I can't tell which variant of 52x the tractor is.

If you look at and compare to the machine, you'll be able to tell a little more.

The thing with the missing lines is the fuel pump. It may be that it stopped working, and somebody just converted it to gravity feed. Again, can't tell without more pictures of the whole unit.

Re pulling a plow, maybe. You really probably want a heavier machine for that, but depending on how deep you go, and what kind of soil/sod, you may be fine. I recommend you look for a rotary plow as well. Those things work great, IMHO much better than a fixed plow.

Keep those cards and letters coming, and :wwp:
Ok, it's not a 500 series. That looks like a commercial-12, converted to use a QH adapter. The exhaust is pretty cool.

That's better from the POV of being heavy enough. But as you note, with no attachment on the front, it's *extremely* tail-heavy.

The gravely walkers were all intended to have some kind of attachment in front, in part because that's where the PTO is, in part for balance. For reference, my comm12 with a rotary plow or MA106 deck on the nose is still too tail-heavy, and needs an extra counterweight to keep the nose down.

If you're going to set up some kind of aft-mounted plow, I strongly advise you to put together some kind of a weight for the nose. 200lbs of cast iron would be about right :) You'll have to play with it a bit to get the balance you want. But the good news is that with all that weight on the wheels, and that big torquey 12hp, you should be able to pull your plow just fine.

Do look for a rotary plow though. They were quite popular, it doesn't seem impossible to find one you wouldn't have to import.
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Everybody here loves giving advice, no worries about that :)

I recommend you try some more to download stuff off the gravelymanuals site. It should work anywhere. You'll find a trove of good information there.

If I were fabbing a counterweight for that machine, I'd remove the QH adapter, so that you're left with the older-style 4-bolt mounting. Then make a plate to bolt on there, or start with one of the pre-made blockoff plates. Weld on some sort of heavy brackets or something on which you can hang weights.

PTO == Power Take Off

For oil, on that machine you have engine oil, which I believe is 2 quarts. There will be a full mark on the oil dipstick, just fill to that. You also have transmission oil; the filler is toward the front of the trans, right behind the battery box. 5 quarts.
I don't have direct experience letting a comm12 gravity feed, but I would think it would work ok. The bottom of the tank is a bit higher than the carb inlet, so you should be ok, at least as long as the fuel line is relatively clear.

If you have trouble with it, for instance rough running due to fuel starvation, rebuild kits for the pump are available.
On further thought, the thing you want may be a gravely toolholder

You'd still have to fab something to mount that plow blade, but it's got the guide wheels to control how deep you go, and gives you a handy place to put the extra weight. You'll still need that, as the comm12 is rather more tail-heavy than what that thing was designed for, but starting with one of those should be a lot less work than building a mount for weights, and also figuring out a rear mount for the plow blade.
there is an oil leakage at the bottom, between the wheels. Is it a gasket, or something else causing it.
Most likely a leak at the oil drain, which is also the lower left bolt which holds the axle housing on. Also could be a leaky axle housing gasket.

It's very easy to install a new washer at the oil drain. It's not terribly hard to replace an axle housing gasket, though it will require some disassembly and horsing around. +1 on a careful inspection.
BTW all those Kohler engines run on petrol/gasoline, right?
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