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Help with Craftsman II 12HP

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Well, here is the story. I have a 12 HP/38" LT, 917.254240. It has been sitting for many years and has one flat tire, another is low on air. These are the easy things!
The engine will not start. I put a new battery in it, it turns over but will not start. I believe I got all of the old gas out of it, but, cannot find an engine number or name. There is a label on the top saying 'Sears, etc'.
Without knowing the engine maker and model I cannot buy a new fuel filter and air filter. I definitely know very little about these engines or the tractor either.
I have decided if I can at least find out if it is a B&S or whatever then I can get the filters and sparkplug and a 'book' to help me do whatever else it is going to take to get it going!

Any help at all with this will be appreciated.
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Will take photos tomorrow and post.
Thank you much.
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