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Help with Craftsman II 12HP

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Well, here is the story. I have a 12 HP/38" LT, 917.254240. It has been sitting for many years and has one flat tire, another is low on air. These are the easy things!
The engine will not start. I put a new battery in it, it turns over but will not start. I believe I got all of the old gas out of it, but, cannot find an engine number or name. There is a label on the top saying 'Sears, etc'.
Without knowing the engine maker and model I cannot buy a new fuel filter and air filter. I definitely know very little about these engines or the tractor either.
I have decided if I can at least find out if it is a B&S or whatever then I can get the filters and sparkplug and a 'book' to help me do whatever else it is going to take to get it going!

Any help at all with this will be appreciated.
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You have the model number, that's all you need. There is no information on the usual Sears PartsDirect about the engine or filter but it does have some parts breakdowns. The Manage My Home web site (in the sticky " Sears - Craftsman ALL manuals download site" as the beginning of this forum) does not seem to have a manual for that specific model but it does for the 917.254244 model (the last digit seems to designate different upgrades to the same basic model). Look at it and see if yours is like that model. The manual also has parts listings.

If that fails, unless someone here has a manual they can copy and send you, take your model number and go to the nearest Sears store and ask for help.

You can also take pictures of the needed items and we'll try to help you. Many of the common consumables are made by other manufacturers and have numbers on them. The engine should also have a metal or stick on tag that has make model and serial numbers. Look and see what you can find. Don't wipe too hard, you can easily wipe useful information off.

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