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Help! Wiring desaster! Sears LT 10

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Hello fellow tractor owners! my names Christian federer. I just got my first tractor yesterday and looking for other people with expertise and knowledge to help me fix my tractor so i an help others down the road, and make my tractor ride-able once more! I have a 70's era sears LT10. and i need help with it bad! the wiring in it is entirely destroyed, and the engine in not bolted in! i need help with this! can someone- anyone please send me pics of their wiring in their tractor, and the linkage to the carburetor, and all essential components that way i can reference and use to repair mine? this is my first tractor and have no experience with working on them! thanks guys! it has a 10 hp engine. thats all i know, i got it off a young kid (maybe 13?) who was messing with it, and messed it all up and just gave up on it. so he sold it to me for $35. id like tomake it nice.
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need model number of the tractor
143276482 engine
502255141 model
Also will a 5hp engine power this tractor? Not to cut grass but just to ride around the yard etc?
The short answer is yes,5 HP will pull you around OK,depending on the gearing it might barley pull a hill in the higher speeds,or it might be fine in first gear...only one way to tell..

if its a vertical shaft engine though,one off a mower wont have enough weight on the flywheel to run it without the blade,so you'll need an engine off something like another riding mower,pressure washer,or tiller,that has a iron flywheel instead of aluminum one..sometimes just using a heavy enough pulley on a mower engine allows it to run OK with an aluminum flywheel..
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