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Help Wiring 7pin plug on SCUT

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I have a Deere 2210 that I am thinking about buying a receiver hitch style salt spreader for my driveway. My question is how do I wire the plug? I don't know that much about 12 volt wiring. All I need is 12volt power and the ground on the plug, I don't need brakes, signals, etc. Can I just wire right to the battery with an inline fuse? How do I know amps? Is there a fused 12volt supply somewhere in the back already with constant power? I have tapped into a line for a rear work light, but it was powered by the headlight switch. What gauge wire?

Any tips appreciated.
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You can wire the plug only with power and ground, no prob. The plugs are rated for 20-30 amps, IIRC, so size wire and fuses appropriately. Fused to battery is fine, but aux switch or ignition is better.
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