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help please

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Hey everyone long time no talk, got back on my 9n well everything was going good packed the rear wheel bearings put sure seal seals on, then it all went down hill from there :(. I went to put brakes on looked good put them on but they won't fit in the drum :( lookes like my adjuster isn't allowing the pins to collaspe all the way, looks like i need new adjusters trick is how to you re revit them back in???? whose should i get, i hate running into problems like this :X but its bound to happen on a 60 year old machine, and on the clutch pedal can anyone measure the correct size hole that needs to be in there, i plan on welding the hole shut and machining it back open. please help asap thanks in advance Paul
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maybe come someone explain to me why it seems the pins won't go all the way into the adjuster
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