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Think I am having a dual problem here. In order to isolate it I need to know where the safety switch of the CLUTCH is located on the actual tractor. From looking at the schematic I see four switches.
1. Seat 2. Reverse Kill switch - (I know where both these are)

3. Deck 4. Clutch – (I’m guessing “Deck” is the PTO safety switch located on the firewall. If so I also know where this one is). So what remains is the ever elusive clutch (requiring the brake to be depressed to start the engine).

Engine Model Briggs 351447-1180-A1

THE PROBLEM: I left the PTO lever engaged when I parked the machine for two days. The cable stretched so that the “deck” switch was no longer depressed. Cable adjustment is a hassle on this machine so I temporarily clamped it down.

I then went to start the machine and had yet another problem. It turned over but would not start. After many attempts. I checked for a spark. Once I removed the left plug, the machine started (poorly). Put the plug in and it fired right up. It then ran for 2 minutes and died. Tried to restart it and NOTHING. No headlights, no carburetor solenoid, completely dead. I cleaned the terminals and even jumped it and still nothing. I checked the clamp mentioned previously and it was depressing the safety switch. I even put in a new ignition key module.

I plan to replace both switches once I can find the darn clutch switch. As far as I see it, either I have a bad safety switch(s) or a short. Perhaps I even had a kill switch short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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