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on the 504 i bought last week it has independant pto, and it works good

but on closer inspection there seems to be a piece broken, that bolts to the bottom of the engagement lever that is supposed to lock it into the off posistion,

do you have one of these?
and if not, is this something that i can fabricate fairly easily, i dont have any ideal what it looks like because it is gone, and so is the ih dealers in my area.

any help would be appreciated

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Hi Larry,

Thanks so much for checking with us. We don't have this particular item. You can probably get it through a salvage yard and possibly from a dealer.

If you want to see what it should look like, the easiest thing to do is to pull up the diagram from the manual on Messick's website. They are a sponsor here too and really nice to deal with. Go to their website and pull up the manual for the 504 and you can see what it looks like. There are at least 3 different variations depending on serial number etc, so if you go for a salvage one, make sure you get the proper one for your set up. You can see all three in the manual on Messick's site.

Again, thanks for contacting us and good luck with your search.

Have a great day!

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