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Help me identify my SnappyBoi

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I recently got an old Snapper that I have fallen in love with. The old girl needs some attention, and I can't do right by her without knowing what model she is. Can any of you all help me identify my Snapper model?

It has a Honda GXV270, which was a dealer installed upgrade, from what I was told. I cannot find any identifying info or plates/serial numbers anywhere on it.


The owner's manual I found online for the engine was copyright 1985 if that helps.

Also, it has the smooth start clutch, where it takes off slowly at first rather than giving full power instantly.


For now, She's just Phyllis!
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Looks just like my SR150. Square tube model for sure. My SR150 is a 331413KVE tagged machine. 33" Blade, 14hp motor, 13 series, Kohler motor vertical shaft electric start. These machines are real tough workhorses. They share quite a few components with their tube frame sisters but not all components. Belt adjuster works different for sure. That Honda will last if taken care of.
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Yea this one is definitely not 33in cut (i wish!). She's a 30in. And only 8hp! But square tube seems like an accurate description for sure.
I always wondered where Phyllis wandered off to...
Called "square tube" but there's a round tube under the sheet metal. I never owned or worked on one. They seem to be series 13 through 19 ,and quite a few differences between them ,even in the same "series". I don't think the factory used a Honda engine until series 23 and then GXV340 (11HP) and GXV 390 (13 HP). I adapted a GXV 390 to my series 21. The wiring doesn't look as neat as factory on yours.. The main differences seem to be the decks in the blade engagement parts and the deck adjustment mechanism. The forum has several parts manuals for these series ,you might look at these and see which one matches yours the closest. On the forum index page "Snapper RER manuals" free download.
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The 8hp Honda, If running correctly, will be more than enough power to run your 30" RER. 30" Blade is not as common for an RER as the 28" or 33" blades are.

I would guess that the GXV 270 is a little smaller than my 390 , I had to space the bumper bar back a little. The Honda parts are a little harder to find than B&S. and Honda brand are expensive I found after market parts that work well Air filter elements oil filter etc., The only "engine" parts changed has been spark plug only work valve adjustment. (around 10 years) since conversion. A lot of talk about "power" .the RER has gone from 5HP,in the early ones to a V-twin 20HP B&S in a couple of models ,drive train parts pretty much the same over the years .
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You will find that there are a great many different engines in the GXV-270 line .you really need the serial number of the engine to order. for instance if you need an air filter element , The guy at Honda will ask over $30 for one ,but you can find an aftermarket one that works as well for less than $10 especially if you order more than 1.. Honda works in mysterious ways, I wanted to overhaul my carburetor ,and Honda makes several kits but I found that a new carb was cheaper than the kits needed for an overhaul. I love my Honda engine ,but there are quirks to their methods. I buy Honda parts from " net" they discount Honda parts.
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The square tube mowers started at series 7. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about them because we stopped selling Snapper not long after they came out. Your mower looks like what I remember the first square ones looking like. HTH
I'm certainly no expert on the "Square tube" models I've only owned 1 RER a series 23 WM280923B , sold by Wal Mart as cheap as they could make one. They didn't service it before delivery ,and had a lot of trouble with it. I've overhauled quite a lot of it and replaced the 8HP Briggs with a 13 HP GXV 390 Honda. The Honda still runs great after 12 years. I believe the GXV 270 is 9HP . The 390s have 2 different air filter elements mine has plastic end caps and some (all of the 270s) have a metal top and a separate shaft seal ,the plastic end seals itself. I don't know if yours has an oil filter or any 270 does I use a Fram I get at WM for $3.73. These engines have an oil pump which sends a stream of oil to lube the upper crankshaft bearing and the rest of the engine gets the "splash" from this .
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