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HELP! Kohler K241 not running

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okay guys i have a cub cadet 108 (yes its not a gravely but you guys are amazeing with engine help) with a Kohler K241 (10HP) it starts right up and runs for a few minutes then it loses power and spits then dies then backfires (in that order) it has a new carb a new coil,points.condenser,spark plug, fuel lines, new head gasket all thats new it just wont stay runing and im out of ideas i dont want to part this out either
thanks, Gravelyman66
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lines aare new filter is new it starts right back up i.e 3seconds runs great the n blows gas back out of the carb
yes it backfires then blows fuel back out there is no pump in this its gravity fed tank is right about the carb ive ran sea foam trhough it that marval mystery oil sprayed the carb wit hseafoam while running and acts teh same
im out of ideas on what i have to do i dont want to rebuild it but if i have to we will
nope it doesnt drip with its just sitting (not running) it dont drip when it runs just when it backfires it shoots gas out
just double checked the carb and everything is set where needed to be runs for maybe 1minute30seconds than dies
Ummm how exactley do you check the valves
okay ill try that when i get the new head gasket
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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