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Help identifyig snowplow?

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I have this snowplow that came with a JD210 but isnt JohnDeere.Does anyone know what it might fit? The mounting brkt is 2in by 6in by 14in with a 3/4in pin 2 1/2in from the end.The blade is 42in wide and 16in tall.I believe its a Wheelhorse but not sure.


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Looks like the front 1/2 of a Wheel Horse BD-4261. Blade Dozer 42" in 1961. Take at look at the ipl

The BD-4261 is a 1961 model that fit the RJ-35, RJ-58, RJ-59, 1960 models 400 and 550 and 1961 models 401 and 551. These all have the engine at the rear of the tractor frame in front of the seat.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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