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Help identify this case

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I bought a tractor. Was told it is a 58 case 200. It is a 4 cylinder gas tractor
Has a lever that is the high low and direct ranges it has 4 forward speeds and reverse. It has the eagle hitch. And a hand clutch on the left side of the tractor.
I can't find any number plate but I have the numbers off the motor. I'll post some pics tonight when I get home. If you can tell me what and where to look
I will post any numbers. The engine numbers are 136r07694. And are stamped
On the right side on a flat spot of the engine. Or if someone will pm me a cell number I'll text them a picture. Thanks
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Here are a few pics

NOT a case expert by any means but im thinking it may be a later case 311 or 430 but im almost positive its a 311
It's at least a '58 with the sheet metal style. Guessing a 301B general purpose.
And with the hand clutch, it is a multile plate clutch... Looks like lots of parts & pieces..!!
Looks to me like a 200 maybe a 300.:fing32: Definately not a 30 series though.
The clutch lever is for the pto engagement. Instead of stopping the tractor you pull the clutch out engage the pto then lock the clutch back in to start it.
I hope I remembered that right.:praying: :fing32:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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