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Help ID this tractor!!!

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I need help trying to figure out what this thing is!!! If anyone knows could you please let me know.. Also looking for any pictures.

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Kinda reminds me of Mr. Magoo's little buggy:ROF . slkpk
Haven't a clue...but it's certainly built to last. Reminds me of a Snapper kind of. It's a nice looking rig too. Hope someone can identify it for ya'.

mmm lets see the yellow one is a Allis chalmers and the blue one I belive is a sears suburban and the little rusty one might be a speedway.
I don't know...but it sure is cool looking!
im going to identify it as old :ROF :ROF other than that no clue but very cool looking
im not sure that its any small then the allis or the suburban,just looks that way because of the way its built.looks like its got a tough steel front axle and a strong frame.with the engine in back over those ags it should out bite most GT's.looks like a gravely prototype,its not but it could have been.....
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where do people find this stuff?
Can't help with the id either but I sure do like it. Probably could use some front weights. Looks like a wheelie waiting to happen. The fenders look heavier than the frames of some newer tractors. Gotta love the old rope start motors too. I see it has a gear reduction motor. Looks like the old briggs 6:1.
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Too neatly done for home-built, but I have no idea as to maker.
Wasn't the first Panzer's a rear engine one?..thought I read that somewhere?..
Can't get there from here.
Odd little buggy . I"m IN Maine and haven't seen anything like that .
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