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HELP< how to replace steering shaft support/pivot P/N 160395 on 46"18Hp 917.272121

I have a sears 18.5HP 46" on a model 917.272121
Getting the part was easy, putting it in seems to elude me.

I took the upper support loose, at the control panel two screws.

I took out the "C" clip and washers from the end of the shaft assembly and the four bolts from the bottom of the steering bracket.

I can't get enough room to get the old plastic steering shaft support out. In looking on the diagram at searspartsdirect I also see a bolt at the bottom of the steering shaft but I haven't been able to get an SAE or Metric socket on it.

I see on the diagram there is a second C clip. Didn't see it on my machine ?

Can anyone walk me through it like I'm an idiot ?? At this point it's how I feel.


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