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HELP!!! got a tractor i cant figure out who made it

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Its a M&W Lawn Clipper..... Model LC1890K i cant find anything on the internet about it
any help is greatly appreciated

i will post pics if necessary
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Post some pics if they're handy.
Post some pics if they're handy.

Ditto on the pics.............worth a thousand words.
The only info I could dig up was:
Equipment Blue Book for M&W LC1890K

No mention of a manufacturer or parent company.

I also found this discussion about M&W ZTR. Some of the links (pics) won't work, but maybe the rest of info might.

And finally, I found this used LC1890K for sale. If this is what you've got, it looks very similar to a Deines ZTR.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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